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..About the author | Steve Plucker

I was born on July 6, 1950, in Walla Walla, Washington to a farming family which homesteaded 30 miles northwest of Walla Walla, Washington in 1874. 

We have been active in farming on the same land  growing dry land wheat, irrigated wheat, garbanzo beans and “Genuine” Walla Walla Sweet Onions ever since.

just me & my "Model A"

On the ranch, I remember as a kid, we had a 28-29 Closed Cab Pickup sitting just outside our shop and I used to get in it and pretend to drive it.  Unfortunately it got sold before I had any say about it.

I got my interest in the Model A Ford a few years later when I used to go to a farmer friend of mine who lived about 3  miles down the Touchet River Road and up a canyon.  There he had this nice restored 1928 Open Cab Pickup which belonged at one time to another neighbor.  I was about 11 years old and liked to sit in the Pickup and pretend to drive it.  My friend took me for rides in the pickup and I was hooked.

In the spring of 1964 he asked me to come up and pull rye out of his wheat.  Hey, why not earn a little money.  While at his place, I noticed that he had another Model A in the barn.  It was in real nice shape and needed restored.  I asked my farmer friend what he was going to do with it.  As usual, he told me just what most of us have heard at one time or another.  He told me that he was going to restore it someday.

Well, for the next two years or so I was always going by and looking at it.  I was also admiring a 1929 Closed Cab Pickup in another shed.  I kept pestering him about selling it to me because he just was not going to do anything with it as far as I could tell.

One day in September of 1966, just as I was starting my Junior year of High School, I must of got him on a good day because he asked me if I wanted to buy it.  I told him yes.  He told me that he would sell me the 1929 Standard Coupe and the 1929 Closed Cab Pickup on one condition….that I restore the car and pickup to original and not to a hot rod.  I told him that I would so he told me that I could have both vehicles for $250.00.  I couldn’t get back to the ranch fast enough.  I was soon the proud owner of two Model A’s.

Started to restore the coupe but after graduation from high school in 1968 I went to California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, California where I graduated in 1973 with a degree in Crop Science.

Moved home in 1977 and continued the restoration.  At this time I joined MARC and MAFCA, for which I have been a member ever since.

Restored my Coupe but sold the Pickup.  You should of seen the smile on my farmer friend’s face as I showed him the Coupe for which he sold me.  I then returned the favor and took him for a ride!  I will never forget that day.  I then moved back to California in 1982, returning back home in 1993.

Since 1977, I have been a member of the Chico A’s (82); the Bakersfield A’s (82-86), the Capitol A’s; (86-93) Flying Quail A’s (88-89), and the Walla Walla Sweet A’s (93 to present), named for our “Genuine” Walla Walla Sweet Onion.  While with the Capitol A’s, I was responsible for organizing the cover photo which appeared in the Model A Ford Club of America’s (MAFCA) September/October, 1991, The Restorer Magazine.

Started indexing the 1928-1931 Ford Service Bulletins and the 1928-1931 Indianapolis Ford Service Letters in to one document in 1984.  Thanks to Mr. Fred Gooding of Wilder, Idaho.  I added the 1930-1931 Chicago Ford Service Bulletins and the 1928 Fargo Service Bulletins and completed the project in 2004.  It is titled “A Comprehensive Index about the Model A and AA Ford featuring Ford Service Bulletins and Ford Service Letters, 1928-1931”.  It is for sale through the Model A Restores Club (MARC) and you may order it for $22.00 which includes shipping and handling.

Got interested in the Model A/AA engine block, A-6015, and started noting the differences in the blocks themselves and thus recording them in a data base.  As to date I have about 190 blocks recorded throughout 1928-1931 and am always looking for more.  In 2004, I was awarded by the Model A Restorer’s Club’s (MARC) the George DeAngelis Literary Award for the article for which I wrote on the differences which appeared in the May/June, 2003 issue of Model “A” News.

In 2004, I started on another venture of indexing Model “A” News, The Restorer, The Double A’er, and Model A Times.

In 2005, I started researching the evolution of the Model A Ford Frame and Brake System.  Then came the Bill of Sale project.  All ongoing projects.

Besides farming and Model A’s, I do living history presentations representing my great grandfather, Charles Plucker, who was a member of the 9th US Army Infantry in 1856-1861.  I also do family history, historical research, and collect old tins, steel beer cans, and Orange Crush items.  Have also restored some old trunks and old furniture.

To date, I have my September, 1929 Standard Coupe and am working on a March, 1929 Closed Cab Pickup and a September, 1929 131-1/2” wheel base stake bed  truck.  The truck and the coupe are separated by only 20,000 numbers and are still September, 1929 vehicles.  You know…plucks329s!

Thank you for visiting.

Steve C. Plucker

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