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..Additional Studies
This section will contain information on various additional studies that I am researching and compiling, along with projects of interest.
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  The Ford "Model" Model "A" Assembly Line Project

I've designed and created a scale model of the Ford Assembly Line and to learn how it came about and view pictures of this project.
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  The Ford Model "A" Parts & Application Methods

This index pertains to those Model A Ford parts and restoration application methods which have been researched by many Model A Ford researchers and restoration persons who have personal Model A Ford websites.
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  The 1928 Ford Model "A" Tudor (and other closed car) Windlace
"The Mysterious Holes"
  When Ford introduced the 1927 Model T Tudor Sedan, the Engineering Department decided to run the windlace...
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  The 1928-1931 Ford Model "A" Universal Joint Housing
  The following study concerns the 1928-1931 Model A Ford Universal joint housing caps- inner and outer assemblies (and related parts) along with it's counter part, the Transmission main shaft bearing retainer...
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  The Evolution of the  A-8210  Grommet

The following studies the evolution of the A-8210 Speedometer Cable, Light, and Horn Wire Conduit Grommet. 
For a 512 Kb PDF of this study

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  The Starting Crank Bearing

The following studies the A-5461 Starting Crank Bearing and Related Parts.
For a 188 Kb PDF of this study

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  The Model A/AA Gas Tank Studies
   The following are studies of the Model A/AA Gas Tank. The studies cover it's design, developement and production during the years, 1928-1931.
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  A List of Model A/AA Publications
   The Books, Manuals, Publications and Audio/Video items about the Model A and AA Ford, past and present.
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Letters, Numbers, and Codes

This study addresses questions regarding the various production numbers found on the Model A/AA.
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  The Ford Model "A" Firewall Date Study
  From mid-1928 through mid-1929, the date of manufacture was stamped into the firewall on the left side on most vehicles...
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  The A-20606 1/4"- 20 x 9/16" "Special Head" Carriage Bolt

This Article pertains to the A-20606: 1/4"-20 x 9/16 Special Head Carriage Bolt and its assembly usage on Model A Ford's.
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The Model A Lap Robe

Probably the rarest of all Model A Ford authorized accessories is the Model A Lap Robe, A-18545-A, B, C, and D.
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The Evolution Of the Terminal Box Assembly

The Evolution of the Terminal Box and Cover Assembly mounted on the firewall of all Model A's.
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The Evolution of the Model A/AA Ford Oil Pump Assembly

This Article pertains to the A-6600 oil pump assembly used in all Model A/AA ford engines.
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The Anti-squeak Material Study

This Article pertains to the anti-squeak materials used in the assembly of the Model A/AA ford.
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The Kari-Keen Trunk Assembly Procedure

This Article shows how to assemble a Kari-Keen Karrier trunk on an early 1929 Model A Tudor.
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Instructions For Converting a Rumble Seat to a Trunk in Model A Roadsters and Coupes

This Article shows how to convert a rumble seat to a trunk in a Model A Roadster or Coupe.
Part 1  Click Here

Part 2  Click Here

Part 3  Click Here

The Front and Rear Brake Grease Baffles and Other Related Items

This Article shows the evolution of the grease baffles on the front and rear backing plates.
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Th 1930's in 1929 Part 1

This Article documents the 1930 Model A's assembled in late 1929.
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   Ongoing Model A Ford Research Projects

There are a few of us in the Model A Ford hobby who, themselves, are conduction their own research projects. As every day goes by, more and more is lost for various reasons. We can not afford that. If we can provide information, which may or may not be in the archives, to others for the future of our hobby, the better our restorations will be.

There is so much information out there that if one could know about it, it would make our restorations that much better. It will not only make the research more meaningful for those who are concentrating on some project, but it will also generate a greater interest among owners who want to participate.

If you have or are currently working on researching or studying a certain aspect of the Model A Ford, please contact me at steve@plucks329s.org and let me know so I can incorporate your study into this data base. Thanks.

Ongoing Projects
  Model A Engine/Block A-6015 Study 
  Looking at the various changes that were made to the Model A Ford block which took place throughout it’s production (1928-1931).  Have large database and looking for more blocks to add.  Contact: Steve Plucker, 12650 Touchet North Rd., Touchet, Washington 99360; Phone: (509) 394-2831. Email SteveFor study: See www.plucks329s.org.
  Ford Factory or Dealership Bill Of Sale and/or Title Study 
  Incorporating data off of the Bill of Sales and Titles, and/or other data, which were written at the Ford Assembly Plants or the Ford dealerships (1928-1931).  Database includes engine number, date of engine stamping, date of sale, dealership, assembly plant, and key code numbers.  All to see how long it took cars or trucks to be assembled and out their respective assembly plant’s door.  Also correlating “firewall dates” with frame and engine numbers as long as it is a known original assembled car or truck.  Contact: Steve C. Plucker, 12650 Touchet North Rd., Touchet, Washington 99360; Phone: (509) 394-2831. Email SteveFor study: See www.plucks329s.org.
  Body Assembly Plant Number and Letter Code Study 
  Looking at and recording the body assembly plant numbers and trying to identify the Model A Ford Assembly Plant codes used.  These numbers were stamped into the bodies of some Model A cars.  Contact: Dave Sturges, 14505 MacClintock Drive, Glenwood, MD 21738-9626; Phone: (410) 442-2724. Email DaveFor study:  See MAFCA web site.
  Model A Town Car 140-A Study 
  Looking at all aspects of the Model A Town Car, 1928-1930.   Collecting information on the clock, cigar lighter and measurements.  Have many pictures. Contact: Bob Johnson. Email Bob .  For study: See www.modelahouse.com.
  Model A Cabriolet 68-C Study 
  Looking at all aspects of the 1931 (Slant Windshield) Cabriolet.  68-C record keeper.  Contact: Tom Moniz, 8765 Carlisle Ave., Sacramento, California 95828-5503; Phone: (916) 682-9306. Email Tom.
  Model A Vacuum Windshield Wipers, Jacks and Tools Study 
   Looking at all aspects of the Model A Ford Vacuum Windshield Wiper, jacks and tools.  Contact: Rick Black, P. O. Box 222217, El Paso, Texas 79913; Phone: (915) 845-2625. Email RickFor study: See MAFCA web site.
  Model A Deluxe Tudor Sedan 55-B Study 
  Looking at all aspects of the 1931 Deluxe Tudor introduced in June, 1931.  Am the record keeper of all known Deluxe Tudors in existence.  Contact: Rick Black, P. O. Box 222217, El Paso, Texas 79913; Phone: (915) 845-2625. Email Rick
  60-A, B, and C Briggs Fordor Production Quantity & Dates Study 
  Recording body tag numbers from all available Briggs Body Tags on 60-A, 60-B, and 60-C Model A Fordors (usually located below front passenger firewall on wood frame rail).  Primary objectives are to correlate the body tag numbers with production quantities and dates for each body style, which do not currently exist.  Also interested in any information specific to the 60-A, B, and C Fordors.  Contact: Russell Knaack, 13911West 167th Street, Homer Glen, IL 60491; Phone: (708) 301-9973. Email Russell.
  Model A Station Wagon 150-A, B Study
  Looking at and recording all aspects of the 1928-1931 Model A Ford Station Wagon.  Contact: Tim Johnstone, % Woody Wagons, P. O. Box 341, McAllen, Texas 78505.  Email Tim.
  Model 225 A (Drop Floor Panel Delivery) Study
  Looking for any information reguarding this type of vehicle.
Contact: Will Cronkrite   Email: wildcat@comporium.net

  Model A 1928-29 Sport Coupe 50-A Study
  Researching areas of the 1928-1929 Sport Coupe, 50-A, including specific trim, moldings, structural wood, top patterns, body details and hardware.  Specialty is reproducing the belt rail molding for the 1928-1929 Sport, Special and Business Coupes.  Contact: Anthony Raffin, 18160 Vreeland Rd., Woodhaven, MI 48183. Email Anthony.
  Model A Frame Study / December 1928 - March 1929
  Researching to learn which cars had stamped steel and which cars had forged running board and rear fender brackets.  Please list fender bracket type, running board bracket type, firewall date and chassis number if possible.  Contact: Tom Wesenberg. Email Tom.
  Model A Frame Study / October 20, 1927 - December 1931
  Researching the evolution of the Model A Frame from October 20, 1927 through December, 1931.  Would like to record changes in front cross member, center cross member, forged and stamped steel brackets, addition of holes for emergency brake cross shaft, etc.  Contact: Steve Plucker, 12650 Touchet North Rd, Touchet, Washington 99360.  Phone (509) 394-2831. Email Steve For study: See www.plucks329s.org.
  160-A, B and C Series Slant Windshield Sedan Study
  Researching the 160-A, B and C Slant Windshield Sedans.  Would like to record the different variations of these body styles.  Please help assist me in compiling additional information on a questionnaire which I would be happy to send to you.  Contact: Bruce Davis, 13565 Peardale Road, Grass Valley, California 95945.  Phone (530) 477-2846. Email Bruce.
  1928-29 Standard (45-A) and Special (49-A) Coupe Study
  Researching the 1928-1929 Standard (45-A) and Special (49-A) Coupe.  Would like to record the following: Frame and Engine number (if original to the car); firewall date; body assembly plant code and number; body style; does frame have forged or stamped steel running board brackets or both.  Contact: Jim Morris, 467 Trumbulls Corner Road, Newfield, New York 14867. Phone: (607) 564-7658. Email Jim.
  1927 Model A Ford Registry
  Seeking to create a composite listing of three (3) and four (4) digit engine numbers for early Model A Fords.  We are particulary interested in three digit engines.  Fourteen have been recorded over the years.  Please submit a good, clear picture of the engine pad area.  We would also like to record all Model A’s thru mid-December, 1927 (engines thru A2200).  Contact: Hans “Doc” Kalinka, W4093 County Road E., Chilton, WI 53014-9711. Phone: (920) 439-2840.
  Model 400-A Convertible Sedan Body Tag Study
  Looking for owners of 400-A Convertible Sedan to collect body tag number and update the Roster. Contact Joop Plaggenborg 400A Roster Keeper, 30 Riverview Drive, Ashland, MA 01721, 508-361-1185 Email: Ford400A@aol.com
  The "R" code in the Body Assembly Plant Letter Code

If you have a Model A Ford with the Body Assembly Plant Letter Code of "R", please contact Jeff Goodrich at modelasuzzie@gmail.com These letter codes, along with a series of numbers, were stamped into the body either on the door subframe of the body or the subframe body cross sill which would be directly behind the heel of your feet as sitting in the drivers seat.
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