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..The Ford Model A Firewall Date Study
From mid-1928 through mid-1929, the date of manufacture was stamped into the firewall on the left side on most vehicles.  The numbers may have been stamped upside down.  These dates were stamped on the tank prior to the final painting of the body.

These numbers are located on that part of the firewall that is connected to the gas tank.  What this study and database reflects are those dates as compared to the engine serial number stamping date.

The data base shows that there are three possibilities:

  1. The date on the tank reflects “before” the engine stamping date
  2. The date on the tank reflects the “same” day as the engine stamping date
  3. The date on the tank reflects “after” the engine stamping date.

The thing one never knows is the fact that if the gas tank was replaced somewhere along the line in the past 75 or so years, then the computed days would not be correct.

If you have a car or truck which you may think is the original gas tank for that vehicle and would like to put it in the database, please contact me.



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..Available For Viewing - Firewall Date Study
  Firewall Date Study
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